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Why it’s time to prioritise your morning workout by Nathalie

Summer has drawn to an end and those long dark autumn nights have well and truly started. If you’ve had a break for the summer then this is the perfect time to get back into a healthy routine before the excesses of the festive season start (it’ll be Christmas party season before we know it!). With the time changing and the sun setting earlier, it can feel as though it’s later in the day than it really is. This can make you feel more tired than usual. Why not get into a routine of working out early; this will guarantee your workout gets done and still allow you time in evenings to relax.

Here are 5 reasons why it may be time for you to exercise in the morning:

1. YOU’LL BE LESS LIKELY TO SKIP YOUR WORKOUT It’s so easy to miss a lunchtime workout because you’ve too much work to do, or skip that evening session because your feeling tired after a busy day at work. Other than the snooze button there are fewer distractions in the morning.

2. YOUR MOOD WILL IMPROVE Exercise releases endorphins, those ‘feel-good’ hormones. Exercise also releases serotonin, which according to the Mayo Clinic, improves mood and alleviates symptoms of depression.

3. YOU WILL MAKE BETTER FOOD CHOICES By exercising first thing, in the morning you will approach your food differently throughout the day. You will be proud of yourself for getting up and burning calories, so why sabotage your effort with an unhealthy lunch? Instead, you will want to continue your positive choices by eating foods that make you feel healthy and energized.

4. YOU’LL BE MORE FOCUSED WHEN YOU REACH THE OFFICE Exercise is one of the most effective ways of improving memory and attention. Dr. John Ratey, author of “Spark – The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain” says that exercise improves your brain in the short term by raising your focus for two to three hours afterwards. You will find it easier to block out distractions and will be able to concentrate better.

5. IT LEAVES TIMES FOR OTHER PRIORITIES What more can I say – get your workout done in the morning then when everyone else is racing off to the gym at the end of the day, you can spend time with the kids, fit in a little study time or simply put your feet up with a good book.

Morning workouts aren’t for everyone, but a little strategic planning, preparation and positive thinking might make it a a habit that you wish you’d picked up earlier.

See you in the club tomorrow morning!