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Obesity Crisis – What can you do?

Estimates that half the UK population will be obese by 2050 ‘underestimate’ the problem, a report has claimed,” according to BBC News, while the Daily Mail describes how a “bombshell report reveals true scale of crisis” around the nation’s bulging waistlines.

The report, published by the National Obesity Forum, calls for hard-hitting awareness campaigns similar to anti-smoking advertisements. The State of the Nation’s Waistline report by the National Obesity Forum, focused on the core issue of how a previous Government report predicting half of Britons will be obese by 2050 – a startling and troubling stat in itself – may be an underestimate.

The BBC reports how the forum described the original report as “shocking at the time” but that it “may now underestimate the scale of the problem”.

Based on the data provided in the report, as well as associated evidence, a case could well be made that obesity is to the 21st century as tobacco was to the 20th century. That is, an entirely preventable cause of chronic diseases and premature death.

The main conclusion was that the already worrying predictions made in the 2007 Foresight Report “could be optimistic and could be exceeded by 2050” meaning they think it is possible half of Britain’s population will be obese before 2050, earlier than the original report predicted.

The revised outlook came from figures showing that obesity levels among adults and children are generally rising fast, and that people are getting fatter in later life.

So, how can you avoid being one of these statistics?

  • Ensure you are properly hydrated. People who drink a lot of carbonated sugary drinks or alcohol may be unaware about how this can impact on their daily calorie intake. For example, a single 330ml can of cola amounts to around 7% of the recommended daily calorie intake for a woman. While a pint of export lager contains around 260 calories; over 10% of the recommended calorie amount for a man.
  • Ensure you invest in good nutrition – if unsure then don’t hesitate to join one of our complimentary nutrition courses
  • Invest the time in adhering to your 2xevery 10 days Milon programme
  • Book a yearly healthcheck with Dr Sam Jackson
  • Get your body fat and cholesterol measured at regular intervals
  • See your membership at Healthhaus as a prevention rather than cure approach
  • Above all else, enjoy your health and wellness experiences