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When is a gym not a gym? – When it is Healthaus

Today the whole concept of going to the gym has evolved. It’s true, many of us just ‘work out’; but now, our more demanding modern lifestyles have changed what it means to ‘go to the gym’. As life asks more of us, so we ask more for ourselves, or so we should! We are busy, strapped for time, and often stressed, but it’s so important for us to invest in our wellbeing.

Many of us are looking, not just to ‘work out’, but to ‘work from within’, it’s a journey which takes us on a more holistic and personal route to fitness. The goal is to achieve as sense of wellbeing, which by definition is the ‘state of being happy, healthy and prosperous’!

Enter Healthaus – a thoroughly modern concept that knocks the old gym paradigm on the head. The Healthaus philosophy is about total wellbeing, nutrition, being deeply individual, about investing in health and in a personal lifestyle that will last.

Taking fitness personally

Healthaus does not take a ‘cookie cutter’ or ‘one size fits all’ approach, but rather a 360-degree holistic approach to wellness that puts the individual at the core.

After all, we’re all different; a 20-year-old man won’t have the same goals as 40-year-old woman. That’s why we design bespoke programmes for the individual. Our philosophy is evident in every detail of what we do, and who we are, right from the very start. As soon as you join you’ll have your own Wellness Mentor who will be your first point of contact in the club and assigned just for you to help you achieve your goals.

Technology, meet wellbeing – Wellbeing meet technology

Finally, there is a partnership between technology and fitness to help you achieve optimum results.

Combine German engineering with health and fitness and you get the Mercedes of fitness equipment – Milion. Its cutting edge technology gives you balanced total body training that cannot be surpassed for simplicity, safety, and effectiveness.

It’s all about you

Healthhaus offers all members a complimentary nutrition course with 6 x 30 minute interactive group talks, focusing on healthy eating strategies for modern day lifestyles.

All Healthhaus members receive complimentary medical screening by our resident medical professionals to include a pre-activity questionnaire, orthopedic/cardio and respiratory screen, blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes check and body composition analysis. This will leave you safe in the knowledge that your training is appropriate and that your efforts will be rewarded.

If it all sounds a bit daunting, don’t panic. Only around 12% of the population goes to the gym, and it’s not surprising the figure is quite low. But, our philosophy is about taking the fear out of fitness and creating a place you can’t wait to get to, a place that’s more of a home from home. That’s why we are called Healthaus; the word “haus” translated from German means house. Step inside and you’ll experience our non-intimidating home from home feel.

Why is Healthaus different?

We are an exclusive boutique styled private members club for the discerning health-conscious individual.

This spectacular new club is the combined passion of Glenda Rivoallan and Nathalie La Mottee. Glenda has nearly two decades of experience in the fitness industry and a personal training background that gives her particular insight into individual wellness goals.

The team have thought outside the standard ‘gym box’ to help deliver a more personalised approach to wellness.

‘We want our members to feel as much at home in the club as they do in their own home’, says Glenda.

From décor to delivery, every aspect of the club shows impeccable attention to detail. Contemporary lighting by world-renowned British designer Tom Dixon is not an everyday occurrence hanging from gym ceilings! Visit the club to see many more home inspired designs.

Introducing Milon

The foundation of training at Healthhaus is the innovative and award winning Milon Circle which allows you to achieve 30% greater results than conventional fitness equipment. You only need to exercise a minimum of twice every ten days for 35 minutes for guaranteed results; allowing you time to indulge in the finer things in life.

Thanks to their chip card control, all Milon equipment automatically adjusts to your individual body size and training plan, like a personal trainer in your pocket! This totally eliminates any setting errors by the user and ensures the optimum workout to help you reach your goals.