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Medical Press Release

Healthhaus is an exclusive boutique styled private members health and fitness club opening March 2014. Healthhaus was born out of owners Glenda Rivoallan and Nathalie Le Mottée’s determination to provide the discerning, health conscious individual, with a different offering which considered the main barriers to people adopting a healthier lifestyle.

For many people they just don’t think they are healthy enough to join a club or feel that their existing aches and pains will only get worse by poorly informed exercise programmes.  It is with that in mind that Healthhaus have partnered with Jersey’s consultant cardiologist Andrew Mitchell and chiropractor Sam Jackson to provide all members with comprehensive medical screening to ensure that members’ bespoke fitness programmes are simple, effective, manageable but most importantly safe. Dr Mitchell will offer Healthhaus members a comprehensive cardiac screening through the Heart for Life programme. This includes a heart electrical tracing (ECG) to detect abnormal heart rhythms and can include a detailed heart ultrasound scan (echocardiogram) and exercise tolerance test if the member chooses. Andrew comments:

“I am delighted to support Healthhaus in their vision to change the future of health and fitness provision in Jersey. For a company to offer such a comprehensive service which links the medical profession to the fitness profession demonstrates Healthhaus’ social responsibility to deliver on what they promise…………..taking fitness personally”

Resident Healthhaus chiropractor Dr Sam Jackson who will provide medical and orthopaedic screening moves on to stress:

“We are in the midst of what is being labelled as a “physical inactivity epidemic.” Sitting is inescapably the 21st century’s smoking. Now it is our sedentary lifestyle that is causing widespread ill-health. But for the first time in the modern era there is unparalleled cross-discipline exchange between different health specialties. The advent of the internet and modern media has enabled a global sharing of ideas. The walls that once contained formally isolated pockets of embodied knowledge are being torn down. A movement and healthcare renaissance is forming with a common goal; One aimed at preventative medicine through a definitive lifestyle change. New, correctly organised and functionally sound systems are being put in place here at Healthhaus. Scientific systems that can measure, track and support one another, and definitively put in place a healthy lifestyle for you… One that will last for a lifetime”.

Nathalie also points out that people’s hesitation to start changing lifestyle is complex and varied. Other key reasons why people leave gyms are because they find the environment and equipment intimidating; furthermore they often lack the support necessary to achieve their goals,” says Nathalie. “We have worked tirelessly to provide a more personalised health and fitness offering in a non-intimidating environment. In partnership with our designers we have designed a luxurious club, with a comfortable home from home feel”

“Keeping healthy with today’s busy fast paced lifestyles is a challenge for most,” stresses Glenda. “The vision for Healthhaus is to provide a time efficient and effective fitness solution.” Glenda and Nathalie feel they have found the answer with the award winning Milon circle which is exclusive to Healthhaus in Jersey.