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How a 1 minute burst of exercise can boost health!

Heart Health

For anyone who came to Andrew Mitchells talk on Heart Health, the overwhelming evidence he presented is that EXERCISE IS GOOD FOR YOU! Andrew explained that lack of exercise reduces your life expectancy more than being overweight!

What’s even more interesting is that short, sharp bursts of exercise could transform the lives of all groups including the over 60s – research suggests. Just two one-minute sessions a week for six weeks dramatically improved the health and physical fitness of men and women in this age group. Blood pressure dropped and everyday tasks such as getting out of a chair or carrying shopping became easier. The researchers from Abertay University in Dundee said short sessions of high intensity exercise could be the answer to our growing health problems associated with lack of exercise.

High Intensity Training

High intensity training, or HIT, purports to offer at least the same benefits as conventional activity but in the fraction of the time and is the subject of much research. High intensity training is an achievable alternative that can make a real difference to peoples health and quality of life.

Milon works on the same principle – with 4 minute bursts of HIT style training. So the next time you are cursing at the dreaded cross trainer then just remember how truly amazing this quick workout is for your future health. Incorporated with the strength-endurance element of the Milon circle it truly is the perfect balanced workout