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Training & Nutrition Tips: Recipes

Jo Zonta's Prawn and Vegetable Noodle Stir Fry

Jo says: "I love this recipe as its got lots of fresh ingredients and nice crunchy textures, plus its very versatile because you can use chicken, beef, tofu or fish to substitute the main ingredient. This is my own recipe which I got inspiration from my travels around Asia, it reminds me of the street food they cook right there in front of you and its a very quick and healthy meal which is nice for lunch or dinner!"

Banana pecan muffins

Who doesn’t like a treat every so often?! Make sure that your bananas are really rip – the blacker the skin the better or the muffins won't taste as good! These always go down a treat and never really last very long – one of my mum's favorites! Feel free to add sultanas and/or swap the pecans for walnuts.

Pineapple refresher

Another excellent antioxidant, pineapple has a great amount of Vitamin C and mixed with some oranges hopefully it’ll keep your immune system strong. Little known fact is that pineapple also contains Bromelain which is an enzyme which has many uses inside the body – one thing it does do very well is that it is much better than cough syrup and stops coughing, it also is a great anti-inflammatory so helps with pain relief too.

Lamb shanks

It is the season for lamb and whilst I no longer eat it I think that this is a totally underutilised cut – cooked correctly it falls off the bone and melts in the mouth. Served with the liquid it is cooked in with the carrots with either some lovely Jersey Royals (which are just starting to appear) or some creamy mash if you prefer. 

Oat and sunflower bread

Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E – the body’s primary fat soluble antioxidant, it’s a great anti-inflammatory and can help asthma, arthritis and other conditions where inflammation is an issue. They have Phytosterols which are found in plants as compounds and are very similar to cholesterol, when present in sufficient amounts they are believed to reduce cholesterol. They also are a very good source of copper, vitamin B1, manganese, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium , vitamin B6, folate and niacin. 

Kicking Colds Ass Brew

If you have escaped a cold this winter you are lucky this is great when you feel one coming on – or have one – even great if you have a bit of a cough the honey really helps!

Beef and pineapple rice noodles

"Apparently this was the best thing I had cooked in ages from my hard to please gang! To make it vegan/veggie just replace the beef with tofu or a meat replacer – for myself I used tofu and used the pineapple sauce as a marinade overnight first – it was pretty good!"

Giant banana and raspberry wontons

These are so simple to make and sweet enough they don’t need any added sweetener – perfect for a Friday treat!

Sweet potato tacos

Chocolate Fondue with mango and berries

Perfect for sharing – maybe something if you are staying in with your loved one this weekend; you can make the chocolate “sauce” ahead of time if you prefer.

Ratatouille & "Ricotta" Filo Pie

Went down well – the boys ate it all – and strangely dad claims he doesn’t like peppers, courgettes or aubergine – the main ingredients for ratatouille, yet he went back and had it again for dinner! Anyway as I did with them if you would like something else to go with it I would suggest a cooked chicken breast (without the skin!!), or a rocket salad with sharp red onions and dressed with balsamic.

Sweet Potato and sausage bake

Lovers month! Make sure it is one where you continue to Love yourself –just because you took extra care of yourself for most of January – with a dry month or a meat free one …don’t undo all that good by having a blow out in February, try and keep up the good work. Long term effort is what gets results!

Tomato and orange rice tray bake

I have to admit I wasn’t sure whether I would like this one with the oranges when I first made it but I did and it's great range of textures and flavours, when I recreated it I expected dad to refuse – but he had it with a piece of seared tuna and ate all of it without moaning (massive shock as he refuses to eat rice due to some childhood thing!). Now he has eaten it once he can expect more experiments to see if he will eat it in different ways!

Salmon with Sweet Potatoes and Avocado Salsa

So this one is something I did just before Xmas for dad and he wanted it for dinner too which means it must be good!

Roasted Pineapple & blueberries

For those with a sweet tooth – pineapple is great roasted and the blueberries are like little explosions!

The Boss's Chicken Rice noodles

So called because my dad did not want what everyone else was having at teabreak when I cook for everyone (now standard practice after saying it was okay once to do different meals !!). A nice quick and easy one too!

Banana Cinnamon Pick Me Up

Rachel's tip: "Great as a little snack in the afternoon to keep you going and curb snacking until it is dinner time."

Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Milk

Rachel's "Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Milk" can be made in advance, cooled and stored in the fridge; all you need to do is reheat it when required".

Rachel's tip: "Make sure you are keeping all those bugs at bay. A great drink to have every day, it's energising and helps reduce inflammation in the body."

Nutty Figs

A really easy dessert for when you want something but don’t really have the time!

Ginger Fingers

Great made in advance and stored in the freezer – generally so I keep my mucky paws off them – they don’t take very long to defrost either ! Make sure you use something to put in-between any layers and the container is airtight.

Creamy Pea and Mushroom Pasta

I love this creamy dish , but if you are trying to cut on the calories with all those xmas parties ahead just skip on the soy cream.

Sweet Potato & Red Pepper Soup

It’s that time of year again when a big warm soup hug is all you need. Double the recipe if you make it at the weekend and you have flask lunch for a day in the week. It will keep for 5 days in the fridge or 3 months in the freezer so get on that batch cooking.

Sun dried tomato, Spinach & Tofu Scramble

I love this for breakfast as it’s a great protein boost post workout! I also use it as a side dish alongside variations of roasted vegetables, it would also work nicely alongside some tender lamb, or some white fish.

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

This month is Vegan month – so yes, You have guessed it! All the recipes will be vegan , but no less delicious!

Steak with Watercress, Walnut & Blue Cheese Salad

Give steak a super healthy makeover with this special supper for 2.

Avocado & Parsley Hummus

Here it is - the creamiest hummus ever!

Try it with vegetable crutidess and warm pitta bread.

Warming Chocolate Cinnamon Milk

This healthy and aromatic hot chocolate is a delicious dairy-free alternative. It calls for only 4 ingredients and takes just about 5 minutes!

Roasted Plums

Ideal last minute dessert. And with calories so low, go ahead - indulge in seconds!

Chocolate Mousse

Yes it is mostly Avocado – and no you defo can’t tell.

Spring Onion and Ginger Bass

Asian flavours work perfectly with locally caught sea bass. You’ll have this speedy dish on your table faster then you can get a chinese take-away!

Cajun Chicken & Avocado Breakfast

Spice up your breakfast with this nutritious and easy to make recipe!

Vanilla Shake

Breakfast on the go!

The cashews make this nice and creamy.  The vanilla not only makes the shake taste good but is an antioxidant, it can help with weight loss as it releases serotonin curbing cravings.  It can also help reduce inflammation and improve immunity among a whole heap of other good things!

Foodie Fridays!

What we eat determines how we will perform in daily tasks, from work to family commitments, exercise activity and recovery. It’s important that we fuel our body with the right energy sources to be at your ‘A Game’.

Healthy eating is not about depriving your body it is about bringing benefits to your life; feeling good, providing your body and mind with energy, maintaining your ideal weight and helping you avoid diseases.

3 Delicious and Easy to Make Energy Ball Recipes

These energy balls, or bliss balls, are packed with all the nutrients and energy of their raw materials. Because they don’t need to be cooked nothing is lost and they’re quick and easy to make.

Chocolate Porridge

This is a fab recipe for all you members who like to start the day with a warming bowl of porridge, taken from Jamie Oliver's Super Food Family Classics cook book. It’s healthy and chocolaty all at the same time and will set you up for the day ahead.