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Training & Nutrition Tips: Milon

Milon at Home 2 with Ben - Online class

Can't make it to Milon? Don't worry, Ben brings you a strength and cardio workout straight to your home.

Watch the Milon at Home induction video first to brush up on your technique and to determine which of the 3 levels of exercise is most appropriate for you.

Milon at Home Induction Video with Ben

This video is to prepare you for the live classes, which start on Sunday 3rd May. (We've reserved the most important day of the week for the most important training!)

Watch the video before the first live class, to learn the correct technique for the exercises and identify which of the 3 levels is most appropriate for you.

Top Milon training tips

Always complete a quick warm-up (ready the body, clear the mind). Have your sweat towel with you, please wipe down machines after use. Check your progress with staff before you start at the Milon portal; you can then have great advice and focus for your session